Tuesday, August 31, 2010

School has begun!

Had our first day of our fifth year of homeschooling yesterday. Aaah...it went so well. I am loving our version the workbox system and will be sure to blog about it soon. Being organized just does it for me. And my kids are certainly taking to our new system very well.

I feel better about homeschooling each year, and I am absolutely convinced that this is what God wants for our family at this point in our lives. I'm often asked if I will homeschool through high school, and I repeatedly answer that that is my plan, but I'm not sure what God's plan is. Who knows?

Oh, yeah. God does.

I love that our first subject every day is Bible. What a way to start the day! My kids are well aware that the first drawer they open will be Bible. My hope & prayer is that they continue to seek God first every day when they are adults and making decisions on their own.

I hope everyone's school year is going well!


Anonymous said...

So glad that you have peace about homeschooling. It's a great feeling. May you have many more wonderful days to come!

Becky C said...

Hey Kari,
Just wanted you to know I sent you a blog award! Check out my latest post, you are listed there. Thanks for the inspiration :)
Becky C